Cocaine addiction essay example

There is no sure cure for cocaine addiction. Why do people succumb to the urge to try drugs.

However, for long-time abusers, cocaine can lead to nausea, appetite loss, seizures, and problems with heart, comas, and even brain damage permanent. It is important to match the best treatment to the needs of the patient. From Bench to Bedside illustrated ed.

The method assists the affected to identify, avoid, and cope without the use of cocaine Jimmy, When cocaine is consumed internally, it is toxic to nervous system. Schools across the country educate about the dangers of drug use and abuse through programs like D.

Unfortunately when the human body began to form dependence to euphoric sensory feelings, addiction takes place which end up with more usage and lead to overdose. Recovery for those who are dependent from cocaine can be a long-term process which sometimes necessitates multiple episodes of treatment.

There is continual research occurring about dependence and how it can be streamlined. US Cocaine Abuse Prevention. Cocaine abuse and addiction is a problem involving biological changes in the brain as well as social, family, and environmental factors.

However, federal judges conferred that such findings are not enough evidence to convict people who have the money without direct evidence of the crime G. It causes euphoria feelings, self-confidence, optimism, and well-being, and hallucinations may results as consequence.

Trial Journal, 29 11The coca plant, Erythroxylon coca has in its leaves powerful stimulant drug but its effect has not been recognized until the midth century. Dopamine regulates movement, emotion, motivation, and the feeling of pleasure.

Cocaine can be produced in the form of crystals which users put on vials. However there is still future for those who are under the addiction of cocaine and the main goal of drug addiction treatment is to make the individual achieve lasting abstinence, reduce then eliminate drug abuse, improve the ability to function and minimize the social and medical complications of drug addiction.

Consequently, NIDA is aggressively pursuing the identification and testing of new cocaine treatment medications. People are aware that very rarely does anything good come from drug use, and still, everyday people fall victim to drugs. Cocaine is an addictive drug of abuse, and it also can ruin someone's life or most likely result in death.

Crack cocaine is mainly an alkaloid, which is found in leaves of Erythroxylon on the continent of Southern America.(NIDA) The most common country for crack cocaine is the country of Columbia/5(5).

Abuse of cocaine and addiction has affected various people and nations. It has effects on the user within 15 minutes after consumption. Their physiological effect entails dilated pupils; blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature; increased breathing rates, and the users have increased appetite.

Mar 29,  · Cocaine and Crack Essay Cocaine hydrochloride (a white powder) and crack (a solidified version of cocaine hydrochloride) come from the coca leaf, grown mostly in the mountains of South America.

Cocaine and crack are Schedule II stimulants that produce intense but short-term euphoria and increased energy levels. Cocaine Essay Examples.

Cocaine Addiction Essay

39 total results. The Effects Caused on the Human Body by Opium, Cocaine and Marijuana. 3, words. 7 pages. The Effects of Drugs on the Brain. 1, words. The Issues of Cocaine Abuse. words. 1 page.

Drug Addiction and Cocaine User

A Look at the Widespread Use of Cocaine and the Different Ways of Taking the Drug. words. This essay examines the brain’s involvement in the addiction of alcohol and cocaine; anxiety and schizophrenia disorders.

The author will also evaluate how the changes in the brain are addressed using medication as one of the biologically-based intervention measures to counter addiction. Cocaine is a substance that has been around for thousands of years and still remains highly abused today.

Cocaine is the psychoactive agent found in the leaves of the coca plant/5(3).

Cocaine addiction essay example
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