Write api code example

Generating a Javascript client To generate a Javascript library, pass --javascript to the program. In this case, we define a top level listing, and a way to get a single post by title.

The second one contains a list of extra imports added to every generated module. Strings, integers, hexadecimal values and other simple values should all be hard-coded right where they are used. You should use comments anywhere that the code is not obvious, especially if you need to document a work-around or something equally unusual.

The sample uses a minimal ApiController and accesses it using HttpClient. They are identified by the fifth type parameter in the Resource type.

Open that file and put the following code. In general, you should have a line of comment for at least every five or 10 lines of code. This requires a username and password or sometimes just a username.

We need to add this read method. Developers rate working sample code high on API documentation priority lists.

Best practices for API packages

Post as Post import qualified Api. Let's look at the generated code for the 'post' API resource: In this case you should complain to the API authors, and until they fix the problem, simply drop the check for content type.

Additionally, you can instantiate the type variable e to your own error data type. For minor upgrade, if a client requests version x. To parse xml, use the xml2 package.

In addition to showing the media type formatter, the sample shows how to hook it up by registering it as part of the HttpConfiguration for your application.

Code Samples

The third is a list of rewrites to perform on the imported modules, replacing the first by the second. Every class, function or method should have at least one comment line explaining what it is or what it does.

Let's define a resource for blog posts. Place the following code inside it. For example, in our handler for posts, we might want to have a full listing, as well as a listing by author. NET to support patching and other operations without using the OData protocol.

To do this, we define a sum type representing this choice: The body is either an error, or the actual result.

Generating documentation and client code The 'rest-gen' package contains code to generate documentation and client code from your Haskell APIs. The functions take a success and an error handler, but they also return a jQuery Deferred of the AJAX call, so you can also chain using e.

And the best sample code is written by a developer from outside the group that created the API. The application consists of a simple web page that uses AJAX to talk to a Web API, allowing users to locate the tourist attraction closest to a given location. But one of the fundamental principles of good sample code is that relevant information should be grouped together.

This API key can be specified in a number of different ways: This is done with a POST to the root of the resource. We might want to identify these users either by email address, or by a unique integer ID assigned on creation.

Output if there are product data. In this case we'll use mkIdHandler, which will give us the input from the request body which in this case is ignored, and the resource identifier the post title.

Bing Translate Sample | Source Code Shows how to call the Microsoft Translator service using the HttpClient class. The Microsoft Translator service API requires an OAuth token, which the application obtains by sending a request to the Azure token server for each request to the translator service.

Code Samples

Best practices for API packages. If your API does this you’ll need to make your request function check the status_code() before parsing the response.

Here is an example of how to write a function that checks for the presence of a GitHub personal access token and errors otherwise. Note: The above example URI shows unencoded [and ] characters simply for readability. In practice, these characters should be percent-encoded, as noted in the base specification.

See “Square Brackets in Parameter Names”. Here we want articles objects to have fields title, body and author only and people objects to have name field only. Step 3: Write a Request (See example and comments of example for detail) Step 4: Assert the API for the Status Code and Status Response. Step 5: Deserialize the Response to.

How to Write Effective API Sample Code. API University. How-To, API Design, Developer that some of the good practices they have learned for writing good production code do not apply to writing good sample code. For example, clarity is more important than efficiency.

It’s tempting to have the development team that created the API write. Time Zone API Google Maps APIs Premium Plan Don't make a substitute for Google Maps. If your app's primary purpose is navigation, a business directory, or a general purpose "maps app", it's a substitute for Google Maps.

and code samples are licensed under the Apache License. For details, see our Site Policies. Java is a registered.

Write api code example
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